Thursday, January 15, 2009

It has been real. Surreal, in fact

Max is taking a hiatus from blogging. Blogs will no longer be updated. You people have been outlandishly amazing.

Max has some projects that need to be finished up.

A hiatus is not forever. I will return and track you all down and force-feed you sick humor again one day.


  1. Don't be gone too long, I will miss ya's. Take care. :)

  2. NO,NO, NO!

    I have had to endure too much recently to have this be true, this must be a cruel joke.

  3. what the hell is this shit?? MAX does not take hiatus's to take of "stuff." Max takes hiatus's so he may bask in the beauty of a den of bitches who lap him from head to toe while nipping ever so delicately at various parts of his hind quarters.

    THAT is the kind of hiatus Max would take. I am disappointed.

  4. Here too?
    Good Grief!

    An expedition to find the West Pole?
    A search for enlightenment?
    Blogger's nipple?
    Cryogenic suspension until the dollar strengthens?

  5. Miss you already - hurry back Max. CHEERS!

  6. Maxie boy, don't be gone to long.

  7. Hum dee da. Just was bored though I would come by and poke around. You best get back soon! :)


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