Saturday, December 20, 2008

For that special someone

Buy that special someone who already has everything some clown shoes for Christmas. Great ice-breakers. In more ways than one. From The Magic Depot. Imported from England. But of course.

"We here at The Magic Depot are proud to present "ShoeBees"! Our line of professional clown shoes are simply the best! They are made of Real Leather. All the shoes have a hard shell bubble toe. All the colors are bright and really stand out. You won't be able to take your eyes of these shoes!"

• All leather construction for long life and durably, vibrant colors and unique patterns and design.

• One size fits all. Perfect for clowns, children entertainers, MCs, circus entertainers, etc.

• Imported from England, one size fits all! Spice up your act today with a pair of these cool clown shoes!

She'll love you for it. Honest.


  1. I double dare you. Go on, you know you want to.

  2. Be sure to wear some Burger King cologne when you wear these shoes.

  3. you know I love shoes, how could I resist? I'll take 3 pairs.

  4. @A. - How could I have missed these comments on the big shoe? You know your readers are loyal if they will comment on a clown shoe post! :) I do want to.

    @ Descartes - Can't wear that cologne with Ronald McDonald shoes. :)

    @Debbie - You can have 3 pairs right now, if you don't mind them chewed up a little. :)


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