Monday, December 29, 2008

3 clicks on your AdSense, buddy

I received this in my blogcat email today. I shared it with BC and google before I changed the name on the link.

DipshitRealEstate said:
hi! i visited your site and gave you 3 ad$en$e clicks. the same.
December 29th 2008 -

Of course, since I don't run adsense ads on my blogs anymore (The checks for 2 cents and 3 cents were piling up) I am curious which ones he clicked on. Surely such a dolt wouldn't be LYING????

If any of you wants to buy a house right now, I'm sure you will want to put this fuck really high on your list of people to "guide you through the process." Buying a house is so haaaaaaaard.

But this is really a post about why it is so hard to turn people in for violating terms of service with google. Why does google stonewall all personal contact? Why do ALL large companies stonewall with FAQs and "Help" heh instead of letting you send them an email?

Because they suck golf balls through a hose. That's what Ettarose told me.

Funny, only the very largest, Walmart, will talk to you personally.

So I know it is possible. Eat shit and die, Google. And Target.

I feel better now.


  1. Funny, I thought I clicked on your ad sense too. What did I click on? Was it PORN? Oh no that was all the big corporations sucking on garden hoses.

  2. I got that BC idiot myself. Just deleted him and went on. I just knew he hadn't clicked on any of my links. Liar!

  3. @Ettarose - Don't be clicking on my porn, girl. I defer to you as the expert on garden hoses. :)

    @Marvel Goose - Welcome! As one broadcast advertising rep to another, thanks for stopping by. I could only take it for about three years before I made so much money I had to retire. So I really respect you hanging in there. What a hard beak you must have! :)


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