Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And now: Wrestling the Eel

Tal E. Wacker apparently started something. I had no idea there were these many euphemisms for self-abuse. More than enough for a book. A whole library.

But the main thing is (in my diligent research) I came up with an authentic Aussie term:

The Toongabbie Backhand

Actually, I think this is a specific  technique rather than a general term. It refers to (so the Aussie said) reverse hand manipulation, and may well have originated in New Zealand or with the Maori tribesmen, as a rite of passage. This latter is more likely, I think. At any rate it is said to be quite common in the western suburbs of Sidney. Sidney, incidentally, modestly claims to be, bar none, the wanking capital of the entire world. Hmmmm.

I will leave the particulars to your imagination.


  1. Reverse hand manipulation? Why does sound like more work than it should be?

    Any research on why most men seem to use their left hand while being wankers? Or is merely the non-dominant hand? The dominant one being the one with the black studded leather glove.

  2. Both hands should be used, as to not tire once out ya know. you don't want to have a huge masturbation tricep on one side, need that balance.

  3. I know some guys who have been sporting braces on their wrists. I think it is from trying it backhand. Does look like more work.

  4. This makes me confused. Being a girl is awesome.

  5. I'm worried... I live in a suburb called Toongabbie.

  6. I should have added, Toongabbie (in Sydney, Australia) is named after a tribe of Aborigines.


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