Sunday, May 13, 2012

David Axelrod?

I ran across the above photo when I was researching Helldriving and the Wall of Death and Indian Motorcycles. I tried to think of what this guy is doing, but couldn't. His motives and reasoning are beyond  me, beyond most logical, clear-thinking people. (Hence the title of this post.) Not knowing any more than I do, I will search my childhood memories and simply entitle this photo, "Here Comes the Muffin Man."

Happy landings.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't even know what they are doing, much less their occupations. Pretty sure they aren't cooking though.

  2. He looks so serene. I suspect that is a net he's heading toward, the corner visible in the middle right. Although landing on a net while on a sled still seems a dicy proposition.

    1. Serene???? Hmmmm.

      I wish there had been two or three pictures though. :)

  3. Ok, maybe that's terror. Hard to tell, really.


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