Saturday, February 18, 2012


Rip Taylor is still very much alive, in case you have been wondering. I think he is still working Vegas. Hope so.

Incidentally, without his wig, I've always thought Rip resembles the cowardly lion. Don't you think? A rather unkind shot of Lana Turner's tan though. I think she was John Boehner's aunt.


  1. Who?

    I've never seen these chaps in the pub. American fellers, are they? Ugly chap, that top one, and obviously no gentleman. The second feller has jaundice, poor chap.

    Lana Turner, I've heard of.
    A celluloid floozy. Neither of these is Lana Turner.

    And who is 'John Boehner'?
    Is this some kind of bizarre pub quiz where nobody has the answers?
    We'll just have to assume these are all household names somewhere or other.
    The alternative is to assume you've gone quite mad.

  2. The latter, Soubriquet. And I think it happened some time ago.

  3. Who? Who? Buncha owls around here.

    Adullamite, Rip Tayor is the guy who gets paid millions to throw confetti from a plastic bucket on the heads of audiences while you and I bicycle to work. Or bicycle not to work, as the case may be. Of the three of us, he probably deserves the millions most. Wouldn't catch ME doing that kind of crap. Nosiree.

    Soubriquet, what can I say? You don't click on my links and I don't watch your videos. Serves me right. Lana and her tan are in there somewhere.

    The Beaner? He is next in line to be U.S. President, if some horrible, horrible tragedy were to occur which took out both the Bountiful Barack and the Delaware Dick in one fell swoop. It would be interesting. God forbid that it should happen. Not to worry - the Anointed One is off giving campaign speeches for the next year, Delaware Dufus thinks his term of office is for 6 years, and the Bean is out trying to raise money for bigger bunker busters while Rome burns. Not Pub talk, to be sure.

    I'd vote for for Rip, come to think of it.

    @A. - Don't make the mistake of thinking I don't read the comments. Watch your back.

  4. Max, Millions for throwing confetti? I'll do it!

    A, Never a truer word....


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