Thursday, January 19, 2012


Headlines of stories I mostly didn't read today:

• 6% of U.S. Adults Suffer Serious Mental Disorders

• Man Charged with Stealing $9.5 Million of Computer Code

• Billionaire Pays to Fix Washington Monument

• Al Qeada Magazine Found in Gitmo

• More Body Parts Found Near Hollywood Sign

• Chinese Bloggers Mock U.S.' SOPA Outrage: "Hell, the government blacked it all out here years ago. In the U.S. if you steal online, they threaten to shut down the website. Here they shoot you and your family in the head. You wouldn't last ten minutes behind the 'Great Firewall that is China' "


The Great Firewall was originally touted as a way to block piracy and porn. Now ALL undesired thoughts bounce off it.

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