Saturday, October 22, 2011

Historically Speaking

The Seven Sisters:

1. Mount Holyoke College
2. Vassar College
3. Wellesley College
4. Smith College
5. Radcliffe College
6. Bryn Mawr College
7. Barnard College

The above are "historically women's colleges" [Vassar and Radcliffe are no longer segregated by sex]

I don't think the "Emily Dickenson" in "Animal House" actually exists.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the United States

There are 105 official "historically black" colleges and universities today (public and private combined.) Here are 7 fine ones:

Name: Year founded: Enrollment (white): Type

Stillman College 1876 1116 (13) Private

Alcorn State 1871 3443 (283) Public

Morehouse College 1867 2891 (4) Private (100% Male)

Spelman College 1881 2186 (1) Private

Howard University 1867 10623 (114) Private

Grambling State University 1901 5039 (197) Public

Morgan State University 1867 6891 (149) Public


  1. I just thought it was cool. Except I am sorry to see the women's colleges going coed.

  2. But mostly for search engine traffic.

  3. The University of Cambridge is the only university with any all female colleges in the UK. That surprised me when I looked to check I thought once Girton admitted men they all would but apparently not. I can remember the uproar about Girton.

  4. @A - It doesn't count if they are affiliated with a larger organization. They must be defiantly self-supporting. It is the unwritten rule. Ah, Girton. I do remember the uproar. :)

    @Caroline - Why? What?


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