Friday, June 17, 2011


Max is hardly holy enough to really be in a position to criticize, but have there not been too many wars fought over religions which claim to be based on love and peace and gentleness? I wonder. And I wonder, too, how many non-believers or believers in something different have had their bodies burned alive as a gesture of compassion so that their souls might be spared eternal flames?

"Imagine no religion"? No, that's not my point. Believing in something is good. Not making fun of people who believe in something is (perhaps) even better.

And, beyond not making fun of people who believe differently than you, not killing them is maybe best of all. At least it would be a start.


  1. Does this mean we have to stop the 'Witchburning' sessions down at the village?

  2. No. That would take all the fun out of life. But everything else.


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