Friday, June 18, 2010

Times Past

Whistling Gypsy/Uisce in the Jar (Gilgarry Mountain)


  1. Well, I'd have played it, but i'd need the Apple quick-Time plugin, and from experience, I refuse to install it. Just like windows' media player, it want to set itself up to assume all manner of rights and privileges, rather than just doing my bidding. I don't want it re-arranging my files, setting itself as a default player, talking to itunes, trying to download sleeve-art etc.

    So I'll just live without another rendition of whiskey in the jar......

  2. Ah, but you don't want to miss the gypsy rover, surely. I managed to persuade Quick-Time to leave off all those bits and pieces. Be firm, soubriquet!

  3. Firm?
    Nay, lass, resolved.
    Avaunt, QT!


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